Overture Games

This is my main active project right now. I’m doing visual design & project management for it. Accomplices include Aspen Buckingham, Mercedes Sandu, Steven Jiang, and Jack Burkhardt. Check it out at overture.games. Jack also did a nice writeup on his own site.

June 18, 2022 · Erin Park


You play as Ari, who has been given a chance to redo one day that she regrets. It won’t change the past. But you’ll know whether there was something you could done differently, or not. The typical visual novel or story-based game has paths & replayability, but you hav to restart each time from scratch. This game is meant to have the player go through all ‘paths’ on each playthrough with a main character that knows that there are paths and choices to be made....

February 3, 2022 · Erin Park


This project was a 5 hr game jam project with 5 members, including myself and Aspen, who I am currently working on Overture Games with (partially as a result of this game jam). The game jam was hosted by NU’s PIE organization. Aspen had a really nice design document that I will be blatantly stealing from here. Assume that there are implied citations to it. Controls: Keyboard & mouse controls...

January 30, 2022 · Erin Park


ChemQuest is a demo of a chemistry-inspired RPG game sponsored by the Design Thinking and Communication Program. Its site is here. Role Timeline Tools Team Engineer & Designer 10 weeks from 4/1/21 - 6/9/21 RPGmaker MZ, Procreate June Hooper, Gabriel Villaroel Narvaez, Natalie Norquist I worked with four other freshman undergraduate engineering students to create a product for our client, Dr....

June 9, 2021 · Erin Park